Course Overview

Course Overview
This course will improve your knowledge of job application forms and examine different application methods which can improve your chances of securing an interview. Prosp Overview
You need to have sufficient literacy skills to understand the tutor and participate in the class. Prosp Req
This course is not formally assessed. The tutor will give feedback during the session about your progress in the subject. Prosp Assess
• Examine different types of application forms
• Explore different job specifications and learn how to show you have the skills, qualities, knowledge and experience required for the job role
• Look at different methods of application
Prosp Content
We offer a range of courses in various subject areas. Courses are also offered by other local providers. Your tutor will help you to decide which path is best for you. We can also refer you to the National Careers Service where you will receive specialist careers advice.

Prosp Progression
2.50 hrs per wk
1 weeks