Course Overview

Course Overview
If you are looking to work in the health and social care sector or further develop your existing skills and knowledge within this area, then this qualification will provide you with a good understanding of the different aspects of adult social care.

This qualification is aimed at helping learners to raise their awareness of adult social care with the purpose of volunteering or gaining employment within this sector.
Prosp Overview
This course requires a pre-enrolment interview. Please telephone 0161 770 1383/1239 to arrange an appointment. You don’t need to be currently working in a health and social care setting to complete this qualification.

You will need to demonstrate effective English skills to meet the demands of this course, so need to have, or be working towards, a level 2 English qualification. You will need good ICT skills, access to an internet connection, an electronic tablet, PC or laptop
Prosp Req
Your work and participation in tasks will be assessed throughout the course. You will complete your assessments via E-assessor and complete activities on the Moodle learning platform. There are no exams to take. Prosp Assess
The qualification covers the following topics in adult social care settings:
• communication
• personal development
• diversity, equality, and inclusion
• safeguarding and protection
• introduction to duty of care in health, social care or children and young people’s settings
• role of the social care worker
• person-centred approaches
• health and safety
• how to handle information
Prosp Content
You may be able to progress onto qualifications including: Health & Social Care Level 3, (with another provider), Mental Health Awareness or other related courses. Prosp Progression
3.00 hrs per wk
18 weeks