Course Overview

Course Overview
This course will allow you to develop your Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills in Spanish. You will cover topics to help you handle everyday situations and further develop confidence in using Spanish in a wide range of situations when at home or abroad. Prosp Overview
Substantial prior knowledge e.g. Spanish Year 3 or equivalent experience.
Before enrolling you will need a pre course interview or a progression form from a previously completed class.
Prosp Req
This course is not formally assessed. The tutor will give feedback during the sessions about your progress within the subject. Prosp Assess
This course could include topics such as: holidays, travel, friends and family, food and drink. Other topics can be included after discussion with your tutor. Prosp Content
Your tutor will discuss your next steps with you, and you will have access to a Careers Adviser from National Careers Service. Prosp Progression
2.00 hrs per wk
10 weeks