Course Overview

Course Overview
This course is aimed at learners who are interested in pursuing a career working in a school or college environment as a teaching assistant.
Along with your coursework you will also be assessed in the school/college where you are working or volunteering.
Prosp Overview
A pre-enrolment interview will need to be attended. You will need to have a Level 2 English qualification (GCSE or equivalent) and at least a Level 1 Maths qualification.
You will need to be volunteering or working in a school for a minimum of 10 hours per week.
Prosp Req
You will be required to complete assignments on-line (using Moodle) which will be reviewed by your tutor to ensure all performance criteria have been met. There are no exams, certification is gained through completion of assignments to the required standard. Assessments will also be carried out through direct observation of your practice where you work or volunteer. Prosp Assess
• There are 11 mandatory units:
• Unit 1 – Understand Schools and colleges as organisations
• Unit 2 - Understand Children and young people’s development. Unit 5 Unit 3 - Safeguarding children and young people
• Unit 4 - Equality, diversity, and inclusion in a learning environment for children and young people
• Unit 5 - Maintain relationships with children and young people
• Unit 6 - Support the health and safety of children and young people
• Unit 7 - Support positive behaviour in a learning environment for children and young people
• Unit 8 - Contribute to teamwork in a learning environment
• Unit 9 - Understand children and young people’s play and leisure
• Unit 10 - Promote an effective learning environment
• Unit 11 - Provide displays in a learning environment
Prosp Content
Oldham Lifelong Learning Service offers a range of complementary courses with and without a qualification, to support your training and future development. You could progress onto a Level 3 qualification In Supporting Teaching and Learning, with another provider. Your tutor will discuss your next steps with you, and you will have access to a Careers Adviser from National Careers Service. Prosp Progression
3.00 hrs per wk
22 weeks