Course Overview

Course Overview
This 5-week course is open to anyone who wants to learn pottery techniques.

Explore your own ideas in clay and create functional, decorative and sculptural works. There will be an extra charge for materials used. Clay can be purchased from your tutor at a cost of £1.50 per 454g/ 1lb.

Please bring protective clothing such as an apron or shirt. You are encouraged to build your own collection of basic, inexpensive pottery tools as your skills grow and advice will be given to you throughout the course. Please wear closed shoes to protect your feet.
Prosp Overview
None Prosp Req
This course is not formally assessed. The tutor will give feedback during the sessions about your progress within the subject. Prosp Assess
Make pinch, coil and slab pots (tiles, cylinders and boxes)
Form press moulded ware
Throw clay on the potter’s wheel
Create slipware and other decorative techniques
Use glazing techniques
Plan and design individual projects
Use safe working practices
Prosp Content
Explore our other art and craft workshops and pottery courses which will develop your artistic and creative talents.

Your tutor will discuss your next steps with you and you will have access to a Careers Adviser from National Careers Service
Prosp Progression
2.00 hrs per wk
5 weeks