Course Overview

Course Overview
This course will enable you to:
• Gain knowledge and understanding of transferrable and vocational ICT skills
• Gain an overview of key skills and knowledge relevant to office work
• Progress to higher level ICT courses.

Prosp Overview
This course requires a pre-enrolment interview to ensure you have the required ICT and literacy skills. Please ring 0161-770-8026 to arrange an appointment. Prosp Req
You will work through a range of exercises and scenarios which will cover the outcomes required by the exam board. The work you produce will be assessed by your tutor. You will be given guided activities to supplement your studies which you can complete at home. Prosp Assess
The course covers the following units:

• IT Communication Fundamentals
• Personal Information Management Software Level 1
• Using Email Level 1
• Understanding IT in the Workplace
• Improving Own Learning and Performance
• Word Processing software Level 1
• Spreadsheet software Level 1
• Presentation software Level 1

Prosp Content
We offer a range of courses in various subject areas. Courses are also offered by other local providers. Your tutor will help you to decide which path is best for you. We can also refer you to the National Careers Service where you will receive specialist careers advice. Prosp Progression
This course is eligible for a range of concessions which may result in it being free of charge. This also includes a free offer for people who are employed and who meet certain criteria. If course fees are more than £70 you can pay by instalment. See www.oldham.gov.uk/lifelong for further information. We do not give refunds if you withdraw from the course, and you will remain liable for any outstanding instalments. Prosp Fees
2.50 hrs per wk
37 weeks