Course Overview

Course Overview
This course is a progression pathway for learners who have completed a Certificate in ESOL Speaking and Listening. It will develop the knowledge and skills needed for reading through the meaning of text, purpose of text, finding information and recognising letters. It will develop the knowledge and skills needed for writing through simple text and form filling. Prosp Overview
You will need to attend a placement appointment interview. Please telephone 0161 770 5187 for an assessment. You will need to have a Certificate in ESOL for Speaking and Listening at Entry Level 1. Prosp Req
Assessment will take place within the classroom throughout the course. A variety of assessment methods will be used throughout the course. There will be three reading assessments and three writing assessments. Prosp Assess
There are 3 reading modules to prepare for:
Meaning from text
Identify the purpose of text
Finding information in text
Recognising letters

There are 3 writing modules to prepare for:
Produce a simple text
Produce a simple email
Complete a form
Prosp Content
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Your tutor will discuss your next steps with you and you will have access to a Careers Adviser from National Careers Service.
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