Course Overview

Course Overview
This mixed ability 7-week course is for those interested in sewing items for themselves or others. Projects might include, fashion accessories, tote bags, hot water bottle covers or soft furnishing products. You can of course also design your own! You will work on your own projects, at your own pace with support from a qualified tutor. Prosp Overview
This course is suitable for the complete beginner with no previous sewing experience as well as those with experience of sewing. Functional English skills are required for reading pattern instructions, and functional Maths skills are used for measuring fabrics and seam allowances. Prosp Req
This course is not formally assessed. The tutor will give feedback during the sessions about your progress within the subject.
Prosp Assess
The course covers basic skills and will include: -
• Threading and using a sewing machine safely.
• Selecting stitch types to use on various fabrics.
• Using and following a pattern.
• Choosing, preparing and cutting out fabric for a project.
• Basic sewing techniques such as, seams, hems, darts etc
• Progression to advanced machine sewing techniques, such as zips, buttonholes and using an overlocker (if requirement of project).
• Safe working practice.

Materials & Equipment
You will need to provide all the materials for your own projects just for your own use.
Week one: please bring a basic sewing kit and at least some scrap fabric to try out ideas and techniques. You can discuss a project with the tutor during the first session.
Materials and equipment for the following weeks, can be discussed with the tutor in class, but may include:
• A basic sewing kit which should include scissors suitable for cutting fabric, dressmaking pins, hand sewing needles, a tape measure, tailors chalk, suitable thread and a thread unpicker.
• Fabrics and other materials, such as elastic or zips and interfacing as required for the project/scrap fabric for practising stiches and techniques.
• Tracing paper / pattern paper for making project patterns.
• Your own stationery including a notebook, pen, pencils and rubber will also be required (labelled with your name).

Other material and equipment might be required as projects develop, or new projects are started, these can be discussed with the tutor.

Please note, sewing patterns are available online, in some local shops and are often given away free with sewing magazines, available in most supermarkets. Sewing kit, fabrics and haberdashery items can also be purchased inexpensively from many local shops.
Prosp Content
The course encourages progression on to more advanced sewing projects. Explore other areas of creative art and crafts or other subjects offered by Oldham Lifelong Learning service. Your tutor will provide information, advice and guidance and discuss your next steps with you. Prosp Progression
2.00 hrs per wk
7 weeks