Welcome to Oldham Lifelong Learning

Welcome to Oldham Lifelong Learning

Every year thousands of adult learners join us to start or re-start their learning, learn a creative skill or to improve their health and well-being. Some want to gain new qualifications to help them obtain a job, progress in their work, or make a change in their career. Others want to improve their reading, writing, speaking, maths or computer skills because not having these skills is causing them problems in the job market or in their everyday life.

We understand that many people joining us may not have studied for many years or may not have had the best experience of education in school.

We strive to provide the right learning experience for adults as we work together to provide a supportive learning environment to meet the needs of all our learners. We can offer as much information, advice, guidance and support as you need, when you need it, including guidance from The National Careers Service and Get Oldham Working Team.

We look forward to helping you to learn, develop and progress with Oldham Lifelong Learning.

Please contact us on lifelong.learning@oldham.gov.uk or 0800 525 956 if you need further help with anything.
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